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  • POWER BI Developers
  • POWER BI Leads
  • POWER BI Testers
  • POWER BI Consultants
  • POWER BI Designer / Modeler / Architects

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Call : 09573168449


IT Data Fundamentals & Power BI Existence
  • Data, Data Availability in IT
  • IT data storage areas
  • Datawarehouse, BI definitions and layers
  • Power BI existence in IT, Product services>
  • Power BI Features
  • Power BI Tools and Components
  • Pwer BI Opportunities
Creative visualization through screen shots
Power BI and Competitiveness
  • What are BI, OLAP, and OLTP? Importance in the current Enterprise? Competitive advantages
  • Power BI vs Other BI tools
  • SQL History, SQL Extensions and Power BI detailed history
  • Hardware & Software requirements
  • Installation methods
Power BI components and explanation
  • Power BI Client
  • Power BI Server
  • Power BI Desktop
Creative visualization through software

Data warehousing fundamentals
  • Data definitions(Data, Information, BI, Mining, ODS, DSS, Analysis, OLTP, OLAP, OLCP)
  • Dwh Characteristics, Principles
  • Dwh approaches(Top down / Bottom up)
  • Dwh Life Cycle steps
  • Data Mart & Types
  • Data Processing Types (OLAP)
  • Granularity and various granularities
  • Diff between OLTP and OLAP
Creative visualization through screen shots
Huge discussion on DWH projects
Dimensional Modeling Fundamentals
  • Dimension, Dimension Table & types
  • Fact, Fact Table & measures types
  • Fact less fact table
  • Various schemas (Star, Snow Flake, Galaxy & Hybrid )
  • Surrogate key and usages in real time
  • Model, Business, Conceptual, Logical, Physical Data Models
Real time project tables, models and design
Huge discussion on Project Data Designs


Installation of Desktop, DAX Studio & Server
  • Various windows versions
  • Software components
  • Release impact on installation
    • Desktop installation
    • DAX Studio installation
    • Report Server Installation
    • Gateway Installation
Working with Power BI Desktop
  • Working with power BI Service
  • Desktop over view
  • Building blocks of PBI Desktop
  • Differences between Power BI and SSRS(MSBI)
  • Connecting to various sources
[Detailed Practical on the below]
  • Flat files &CSV files
  • Databases (Sql Server & Oracle)
  • Excel files
  • Web
  • Analysis Services [Tabular &Multi-dimensional model]
Working on Data Modes
  • Working on data modes [very detailed]
    1. Import
    2. Direct Query
    3. Connect Live
  • Generating reports using SQL, MDX and DAX Queries and SQL Procedures and Views.
  • Control retrieval rows and time.
  • Differences between Load and Edit options.
Working with Excel BI add Ins:
  • a)Power view   b)Power query
  • c)Power map   d)Power pivot
Modeling Menu [Detailed Practical]
  • a)Calculations: New Measure, New Column and New Table
  • b)What If Parameters and Working with Parameters
  • c)Sort by Column
  • d) Formatting : Data Type, Format and Other
  • e)Properties
    1. Home Table,  Data Category, Uncategorized
    2. Default Summarization, Don’t Summarize
  • f) Security: Manage Roles, View as Roles
  • g) Groups: New Group, Edit Groups
  • h) Calendars: Mark as Date Table
  • i)Q &A :Synonyms, Language and Linguistic Schema
Working on Power Query Menus and M-Script
  • What is MSript and How do we handle it?
  • Four Menu Options

  • Home Menu [Detailed Practical]

    1. Close: Close & Apply options
    2. New Query: New Source, Recent Sources, Enter Data
    3. Data Source Settings
    4. Manage Parameters
    5. Query
    6. Refresh Preview, Properties, Advanced Editor and Manage
Working with Power BI Views:
    1. Report View
    2. Data View
    3. Relationship View
  • Working with different level of filters
    1. Visualization level
    2. Page level
    3. Report level
  • Working with various display panes
    1. Visualization Pane
    2. Fields Pane
    3. Query Settings Pane
    4. Steps Pane
Visualizations: [Detailed Practical]
    1. Table use and properties
    2. Matrix use and properties
    3. Column charts [Stacked and Clustered]
    4. Bar Charts [Stacked and Clustered]
    5. Line charts and area charts
    6. Waterfall charts and tunnel charts
    7. Pie charts and tree map charts
    8. Slicers, Cards [Single and Multi Row]
    9. Bubble Chart, Table Sort Order
    10. Custom visuals practice
Publish and working with Power BI Service
  • Publishing a report to Power BI Services
  • Managing report in Power BI services
  • Creating groups in Power BI Services
  • Different ways to share dashboards to Client and colleagues.
  • Working with multiple pages
  • Creating Power BI dashboards using Tiles.
  • Using social websites to create Dashboards
  • Dynamic parameters to filter the report.
  • Creating and publishing with Content Packs.
  • Scheduling the Dashboards
  • Subscriptions, Sharing and Scheduling
  • Book Marks and Selections

  • Workspace Database , Workspace Server , Direct Query , Backup to disk
  • Installation steps , error mechanisms and error rectification process
  • Creating a tabular model and setting model properties
  • Adding data to the model , renaming tables, filtering columns
  • Rename Columns
  • Monitoring relationships , Providing relationships
  • Create Hierarchies
  • Create partitions
  • Create perspectives
  • Create Roles
  • Create KPIs
  • Deployment
  • Using in Excel Power Pivot and PowerView
Constructing a real time tabular model
Many functions and features explanation practically
(Due to space issue, all features are not mentioned)
Working on Ribbon Menu Options

    Five menu options

    File Menu [Detailed Practical]

  • a)New b)Open c)Save d)Save As
  • e)Import f) Export g)Publish h)Export to PDF
  • i) Options and Settings
  • Home Menu [Detailed Practical]

  • a)Clipboard: Cut, Paste, Copy and Format Painter
  • b)External Data: GetData, Recent Sources, Enter Data, Edit Queries and Refresh
  • c)Insert
  • New Page, New Visual, Ask a question And Buttons, Text Box, Image and Shapes
  • d)Custom Visuals : From Market Place, From File
  • e) Themes: Switch themes
  • f) Relationships:Manage Relationships
  • g) Calculations
  • New Measure, New Column
  • New QuickMeasure
  • h) Publish
  • View Menu [Detailed Practical]

  • a)View: Phone Layout, Page View
  • b) Show: Show Gridlines, Snap Objects to Grid
  • Lock Objects, Bookmarks, Selection Pane, Sync Slicersand Field Properties
  • d) Manage Columns
  • Choose columns and Remove columns
  • e) Reduce Rows :Keep Rows, Remove Rows
  • f) Sorting
  • i) Transform
  • Split Column, Group By, Data Type Any Use First Row as Headers, Replace Values
  • g) Combine
  • Add Column Menu [Detailed Practical]

    • Column from examples, Custom Column
    • Invoke Custom Function, Conditional Column,
    • Index Column, Duplicate Column, Format, Merge Columns, Extract, Parse, Statistics, Standard, Scientific,
    • Trigonometry, Rounding, Information Date Time and Duration.

    View Menu [Detailed Practical]

      Query Settings, Formula Bar, Monospaced, Show WhiteSpace, Goto Column, Always Allow, Advanced Editor and Query Dependencies.

    Transform Menu [Detailed Practical]

    • Group By, First Row Headers, Transpose,Reverse Rows, Count Rows,
    • Data Type options and changes, Rename, Split Column,
    • Format, Merge Columns, Extract, Parse,
    • Statistics, Standard, Scientific, Trigonometry,
    • Rounding, Information, Date, Time, Duration,
    • Structured Column and Run R-Script

    • Subscriptions, Sharing and Scheduling
    • Book Marks and Selections
    • Gateway connections for Live Refresh
    • Managing Data Sources at Service
    • Working in Mobile View and Mobile Apps
    • Working on On-Premises Server along with SSRS reports
    • Working with Workspace and APPs
    • Creating groups and managing groups
    • Adding videos and pictures in the dashboards.
    Working with DAX and DAX functions
    • DAX general topics
      1. Syntax
      2. Usage
      3. Operators
      4. Naming Parameters
      5. DAX Queries
      6. DAX Studio
      7. DAX Expressions and KPIs
      8. Measures, Calculations and Tables
    • DAX Functions[ Very Detailed Practice]
      1. a) Text functions
      2. b) Filter functions
      3. c) Date functions
      4. d) Logical functions
      5. e) Information functions
      6. f) Time Intelligence Functions
      7. g) Parent Child Functions
      8. h) Statistical Functions
      9. i) Math and Trig Functions
      10. j) Other functions
      (Due to space issue, all features are not mentioned)
    • A)RETAIL PROJECT with analytics and Insights
    • B) BANKING PROJECT with strategic and tactical reporting
    • C) Many Corporate Data Warehouse based Dash Boards with Time Intelligence calculations